How can I get rid of an ear ache?

At least, I think it is a ear ache. I haven't had one since I was a young child. The whole right side of my hear hurts, from my throat to my ear and I am getting bad headaches. This started a day or two ago. Right now I am waiting to call the doctor, they only open at 8 but I am afraid that since it's a holiday, the office will be closed for the day so I won't be able to get in until Monday! I had some great plans for the weekend that I don't want to back out of. Is there anything I can do for myself if the doctor's visit doesn't work out? Are there any over the counter drugs that I can buy to help it go away? I'm not just looking for temporary relief, I want it gone!!!

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    If the doctor doesn't see anything, you should see another doctor, maybe someone who specializes in this sort of thing. Ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist. Looks to me like a serious problem. You are better off not messing with it, until the doctor gets a look at it.

    Hope it gets better.

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    It could be "just" an ear-infection (have you been putting something in your ear to 'clean' it out? That usually pushes the ear-wax further back in and causes an inflamation which is rather painfull. You can get medication for that or rinse your ear with warm water).

    Some of the symptoms you're describing could be something else though (further down the earcanal or even something involving your jaw/theeth).

    You best bet is to go to an E.D. if they have a fast track - otherwise be prepared to wait quite some time, since that wouldn't be considered a life- or limb threathining condition and anybody else coming into the E.D. with more serious medical problems would cut the line indefinitly. Or better yet, if you have insurance, go to an urgent care or clinic to get some meds. Good luck and happy 4th! I'll be one of those frustrated E.D. workers having have to nurse a "my left knee bumped into my right knee" and miss out on this great day ;-)

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    I am sorry. This sounds more urgent than just an sounds like an infection.

    If the Dr is closed, I urge you to go to the ER or an urgent care clinic.

    I hope you feel better and have a great weekend!

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    you can try popping your ears and see if that makes it rupture....

    the only real way to get rid of ear infections is time and/or antibiotics

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  • Anonymous
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    it is almost good to have ear ache because it makes us strong in ear wax that protects our ears. so just ignore it

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