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Jeffy asked in TravelAsia PacificMalaysia · 1 decade ago

Which car company's salesperson left a memorable impression?

in my far the folowing salesperson :

Nissan - friendly & remembers my name even though the last time i was there was 14months ago.

Honda - kinda stuck up leh..

Ford - helpful..

Toyota - so so nia..but there's obvious undercurrent internal politic between the sales people there.

Hyundai - kinda pushy..

BMW - best..cant ask for more

Perodua - the SILLIEST..


when myvi was first launched, i was kinda curious about the i dragged hubby to nearest perodua dealer in malacca.

arriving there,a profusely sweating salesman came to us..

(aircon was on full blast, i dont know why he's dripping with swear)

s-man : here's the brochure & pricelist

me : so,whats so unique about the car?

s-man : its all stated in the brochure, you can read it there.

me : ohh..

hubby : hows the fuel consumption?

s-man : err...i think its stated in the brochure also..

me : colours available?

s-man : brochure got,you can see there loh..

me : ha?

(obviously i was du lan liao, but it seems completely oblivious to the salesman)

after 1 minute starring at the HOLY brochure...

s-man : want to book ah?

me : its stated in my mind. you read it yourself.

Update 2:

yaya : what is segat amat ar?

Update 3:

gindy : & horny as usual..

8 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    there is three memorable when i get into car showroom.. first at Mercedes showroom, then at Honda showroom and at Perodua showroom.. we go from the finest to silliest..

    first at Mercedes showroom..

    well, i get there to met Benz A-Class model (the only one i afford) it feel so good to be there, the showroom of course, when you get to the doorstep.. there is lady open the door for you.. you feel like you're at spa.. i can say i really like it when they ask us what are the color we want, what kind of fabric and leather.. i can say that they treat you like a customer.. but, like Shim say, make you rimas with their great attitude.. but i didnt buy it even if it cost RM187000, if you wondering either i buy it or not..

    second at Honda showroom..

    well, their showroom was great.. and their stuff was ok.. and when i say can i know the details about Civic and Accord? terus this chinese guy say, "mau test drive ka?".. i was like its ok, i would like to see the car first.. bile dah cakap punya cakap.. then he ask the same question again.. "mau test drive ke? civic or accord first?" dalam hati, ei cina ni, tak paham bahase ke.. tengok dulu.. so, yea, pretty much all they can say is "mau test drive ka?"

    and now we go to Perodua showroom..

    my first impression GOD, that was one fat man, when i get to Perodua showroom.. so, i ask him that i like to see Myvi.. then he gave me brochure.. and then talk and talk and talk.. and all i hear is "this car is very spacious".. macam tersentak jugak la.. then i ask him if he can get into that Myvi.. then he get into it.. GOD, like a really fat man seat on economy seat.. i then ask him, do you feel comfy? then he start to feel mad.. he say just because im fat, doenst mean this car not good.. and next thing i know i was inside my car on my way home..

    and i didnt even buy any of those car.. i end up buy Perdana.. takde borak borak.. masuk je terus ask the saleperson, i like to buy Perdana.. and he bring me to his office and get done all the paper.. huhu..

    PEACE =D

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  • GiGi
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    BMW - No doubt very good. Went for a car test by invitation only but still very good. (If others you tested but don't buy, get lost la...)

    Volvo - As good as the car performance!

    Honda - Good experience with Honda (still sticking with the cars), but mummy said the previous car bawa malang, jual it and bought another.

    Toyota - Not bad, enjoyed the car too.

    Suzuki - People ok car is bad.

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  • 1 decade ago

    BMW at Wisma UOA. Even when I was looking around, they were so friendly and even served tea. And when I decided to purchase, lagi la baik nak mampus even I got rimas.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the Perodua salesperson, based in Midvalley, KL. he is soooo...sooooo...soooooooo segat amat! and very helpful..


    iban dialect maybe? means very handsome..

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  • bullock cart - fierce as a butchers and bodoh macam lembu

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    aku segat amat

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hyundai - kinda pussy???

    why pussy?

    Hyundai got pussy meh?..

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