audit clerk/A/C assistant

我今年岩岩H.D. IN ACCOUNTANCY 畢業, 但acc 既底唔係話太好(f.1-7 冇讀過acc, 同埋冇考LCCI o個d...)


我想做a/c clerk or audit clerk, 但呢兩個post 係咪都要acc 好勁先handle 到呢?

for 呢兩個post, interview 時係咪一定會test 下你acc 既knowledge(e.g. 俾條數你計下) ga?

audit clerk 其實係做d 咩? 岩岩入去做時, 佢係咪會教你點做?

a/c clerk 係咪一定要識handle 晒d 數ga?

最後... 做clerk 同assistant 有咩唔同呢? 我既case 如果想入呢行, 又應該由邊個post 做起呢?(冇acc 既工作經驗)

sorry... 好多問題... 但希望各位會答下啦...

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    In fact, basic accounting knowledge is must. You are holding H.D. IN ACCOUNTANCY mean you have more accounting concept then those who only study accounting in high school.

    If you are very interesting in accounting work. That is heaps of way to move into accounting.

    A/C clerk or audit clerk is the entry level of accounting and both fit you.

    A/C clerk usual handle daily acoounting work like double entry, A/R, A/P....

    Audit clerk usual handle full set account and audit work (depend on the CPA requir)

    And no worry you knowledge can handle both post very well

    During interview accounting test is must for no exp. pre-worker and sometime written test will need. Because now a day communcation is very important and most company require you communication skill.

    For no exp. staff, they will have a more exp. staff to follow and teach you how to do, therefore no worry at all.

    Somehow Assistant and Clerk is petty much the same. However, in some bigger company assistant accountant will handle more analysis and admin work.

    May be not detail enough. hope help

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    My work place is looking for audit staff, you can email me if interested.

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