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Crash Parallel專輯中的一首歌" Rain Delays",我找不到它的歌詞,誰能幫幫我,給我此首歌的歌詞,感激不盡,謝謝

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    Rain Delays/Crash Parallel

    Sleepless nights and endless days, mini skirts and serving trays

    Waking up from rain delays and selling sex for pocket change

    Living off the alcohol with no one but a cab to call

    Lost inside a bathroom stall, this carbon copy life withdraw

    I need someone to believe in

    Driving cars we can’t afford, just making sure we’re never bored

    Living off our own accord, between coffee grinds and corner stores

    Limousines and cigarettes, we’re chasing dreams with fishing nets

    Long week ends without regrets no one here is taking bets.

    I need someone to believe in, someone to fill this space with grace, to look into my eyes and touch my face to make me feel alive today.

    Someone to make me strong, someone to make me belong

    Someone to make it alright, someone to make me feel alive.

    Stretching out like rubber bands, to kiss the cheeks and shake the hands

    in pool halls and wonderlands, with strong arms and no legs to stand

    getting by on hand me downs, with your tips your drinks you’re buying rounds

    it’s back to my old stomping grounds like children in the lost and found.

    I need someone to believe in

    歌詞來源: Crash Parallel 的 MySpace 官方網站:

    進入該網頁之後,第一首歌即是Rain Delays自動播放,音樂播放器底下點選Lyrics即可開啟歌詞新頁面:

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