unshakable sinus infection?! please help!?

i've had the worst sinus infection for almost a month, and the past week it's been corrupting my sleep. :/

i have post nasal drip, horrible horrible congestion, a tender nose, and my lungs feel like they're uh, covered in mucus? and everytime i cough (which is often) my chest aches; i also have like phlegm crap in my throat, but i can't cough it up... i know, gross, but it feels like a dry cough but it shouldn't be... i dunno, i can't explain that part.

i've taken nyquil, advil pm and tylenol pm. but they don't keep me asleep and i'm hardly getting any rest. it's hard to breathe and i'm weak and i just want to feel better.

before i go to my doctor, who is a complete idiot, i'd rather try everything i can.

any recommendations? :/

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    You need to see a healthcare professional of some kind.

    If you find anti-biotics just don't produce a good result for you then why not try a Herbalist, Naturopath or Homoeopath? All very different sciences but all 3 are very effective.

    Clear mucous is either from a virus or allergy

    White is fungal

    Yellow is Bacterial

    Green is Viral & Bacterial

    Orange/brown is a bit of blood mixed in with what ever's happening... usually from tonsils.

    Thyme & Garlic are a nice combination to take in the mean time as they are very good for fighting the infection; regardless of whether it's bacterial, viral or fungal & help remove that Catarrh on the back of your throat.

    A tea containing Echinacea angustifollia or Echinacea pallida (either is fine) & diffuse in hot water for 10 minutes to make the tea. Drink 3-4 cups a day.

    Echinacea increases white blood cell production, stimulates killer T Cells, which greatly increases immunity, cleanses lymphatic at the same time which allows the infection to be carried out of the body.

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    Looks like you need antibiotic's. Are these your symptom's ~throbbing pain around the eyes with nasal congestion. Fever and yellow or green mucus also may indicate bacterial infection.

    For a homemade cough remedy, add a tablespoon each of fresh-squeezed lemon juice and honey to a cup of hot water and sip slowly. Or eating a spoonful of prepared horseradish from time to time and consuming chopped raw onions and garlic.

    And avoid spiced foods, smoking, drinking, which will irritate the throat and can cause inflamed vocal cords.

    Sometimes taking a long, hot shower or inhaling steam from a vaporizer.

    Do this by, take a towel and fill a sink or bowl with very hot water and a cup of table or sea salts. Form a tent with the towel, bend over, and inhale. Just be sure that you don't get so close that the steam burns you.

    Are you allergic to ragweed? The cause may be in your kitchen. Honey often contains ragweed pollen, as do bee pollen capsules. Mango's and watermelon contains substances that are chemically similar to ragweed.

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    you need antibiotics get to a doctor fast ...go to another doctor if you dont trust your own doctor

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