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RkO asked in SportsBoxing · 1 decade ago

Shane Mosley vs Andre Berto?

If they were both to fight who would win a lot of people have different opinions on who would win what do you think?

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    Shane Mosley is aging. I have yet to see Andre Berto fight a serious contender, but David Estrada seem to have give him some problems at the beginning. Berto looked improved in his fight against Rodriguez, but still, I can't really say whether that was his own improvement, or because of the lackluster quality of his opponent. I think Shane would win at this point, but Berto's speed is so superior to anyone out there that you can't really count him out of any fight.

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    If he beats Berto by experience, he should have beat Cotto. Berto is a accurate puncher with speed and strenght. Mosley is aging and has ran out of time. Mosley took it too soft on Cotto and was being too friendly. Mosley has no defense, no effective jab but still can put up a good fight. Berto defense is good but is going to get better. Berto has good balance, good counter puncher, good timing, put combos together and a true boxer. Mosley has never been a boxer but good fighter with speed. Mosley has never had a answer for the jab or right hand punch. Berto haven put a top welter on his resume but I see him putting two or three this year, and next year. I want to see Berto pockett game, better defense and how he box on the move. Can he box going backwards? He showed alittle on t he ropes fighting but can be better. I seen him do the shoulder roll in one of his fight, landed and knock the guy down to win. I cant say Mosley will beat him or he will beat Molsey. Berto is still yound.

  • Ron-D
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    Berto is still growin as a boxer, but Ivs said it before if anybody is gonna beat mayweather or cotto in a few years is gonna be Berto, he is realy fast, very accurate punching, and his defense is going to imrpove more and more, he's gonna be like jones jr you cant hit em with a solid punch

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    Mosely will knock out Berto,hi Blog,seen anything of Toughguy,Aceman James or Celtic Brawler?Good question!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Mosley will KO Berto with relative ease, this one shouldn't go more than eight rounds.

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    Mosley. Off of experience and speed.

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    mosley. berto is just a prospect. he is inexperienced, and not yet pitted to big name fights.

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