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AP Calculus and AP Government?

i'm taking these classes in the upcoming school year and wanted to know what to expect? what did you do in each class and what would you recommend?

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    I think for those specific really comes down to how good your teacher is. I took both this past year, and in both subjects I probably had not only the hardest teachers I've ever had, but the best as well.

    Put it this way - the harder it will be to get an "A" in the class...then the better prepared you will be for the exam. HOWEVER...if the teacher just gives you "busy" work...then you're out of luck.

    You can expect to really use your mind...critical thinking will be a must. AP Calculus and the exam will require you to use all of the previous math which you have learned, and AP Government will begin teaching you how to be an independent thinker, as the AP Exam will force you to use your opinion, and at least one full question on the exam will be dedicated to how well you support your argument.

    Government was probably my favorite class last year...Calculus was the only one in which I actually had to work

    Anyways, supplements this year will be a must..especialy for calculus. My teacher had us using alot of outside books to help us understand the material, and I gotta say, one book in particular was phenomenal, and I highly recommend you purchase it to assist you next year:

    it's actually a funny book too

    For government...don't be afraid to think on your own and to take chances...and if you wish to do well on the exam, take good notes, and review them every once in a while...and make sure to read your textbook

    Best of luck

    Source(s): Took both classes last year...just waiting to receive my scores now...
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