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giving space?

what're the 'limits' when giving space for a girl?

and how often should i see her and call her?

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    Don't call her or text her at all man !

    Let her be the one to approach you .. no matter how much you miss her ..

    Don't ask if you can see her either .. unless she wants to see you ..

    Don't be too touchy-feely when you two are together either .. just talk, chill, laugh and have a good time .. kiss only when she wants one and leans in for one .

    If she wants space .. give it to her .. its not how often should YOU see her and call her ..

    its how often SHE wants you to see her and WANTS you to call her ..

    i'm not trying to be harsh .. but she wants space man .. so give it to her .. but that doesnt mean when u guys talk u act like u dont want to talk .. when she wants to talk to you .. talk how you would normally talk to her .

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