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Why does everyone say that Communism failed because of corruption - that means no corruption in Capitalism?

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    A perfect example of corruption in Capitilism can be summed up in one word: Halliburton.

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    Who says that. The thing with capitalism is that the corruption is expected....some can argue that it's even encouraged. See capitalism is ran by greed and greed is the seat of most corruption. So naturally corruption and capitalism run hand in hand. However the system understands this and fully expects it. Each watches their own backs in the business world and so it polices themselves. Government stays out of the picture. Which is why capitalism can only prosper in limited government arenas. Limit the amount of power the government holds, and you minimize the corruption. If government is tied to the businesses in capitalism, then the government is corrupted by the very thing that capitalists know as common sense mistakes.

    Now with communism, the government is in control. Make no mistake, the greed is still there but is masked by the governmental responsibility of public deeds. This weighs heavy on the system itself as corruption in one spot (public sector or government) corruption the economy itself.

    With capitalism, the economy and the government are separate and therefore corruption of one doesn't mean the entire system fails.

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    Corruption thrives where there is secrecy. Since communism is not only about state control of the economy but also authoritarianism - people not being allowed to question or even know about the actions of government officials.

    This is part of the reason I think that India and Indonesia are more likely to be strong economic competitors in the long term rather than China. They are both democracies and have at least some accountability for their elected officials.

    I think in a well run system, where information flows openly, capitalism is more efficient than socialism. There is more motivation to innovate, and a healthy competition tend to bring out the best in people. In a less open system the old joke applies - "in communism man exploits man, in capitalism it's the other way around". When you look back at the days of robber barons and company towns, their situation was little different than under a communist regime, save that there was less lip service about 'the good of the people'.

    Socialism in an open democratic society, such as many of the nations of Europe, may not be as efficient as a well run capitalism with a free flow of information and rules to prevent anti-competitive practices, but both run far better than secretive regimes where everything is done behind closed doors - regardless if it is energy planning involving only oil company executives or communist party elites mapping out their latest five year plan.

    Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

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    The guy above me had to attribute communism's failure to american liberal ideology...

    I can actually give you somewhat of an answer. Yes, capitalism has corruption. More on a governmental level than a business level. But that's the difference.

    In a capitalist economy because every company has to compete with others in the free market, they cannot stand severe corruption and remain competitive. Because there will always be another company less corrupted able to sell the same good for less. In a communist economy, because everyone's working for the state, no one's personal wealth is dependent on the success or failure of an enterprise. Essentially making all companies a part of one governmental bloated bureaucracy. The kind of corruption you see at the governmental level in the american system would be seen in all levels of private enterprise were the US system communist.

    Basically, corruption is a cost. A cost which makes a company less competitive in a free market. Without that free market incentive to sell things as cheaply as possible, corruption flourishes.

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    All forms of government are corrupt unless they are run by all the people. Capitalism is the most flawed and corrupt system out of them all but unlike the showings of communism we have seen people recognize it less. There are a small number who are rich controlling a large number that are poor, that seems like a pretty corrupt ideal to me. As a note to the republicans (U.S. not Irish) Communism and Liberalism are two different things, you should look up their meanings on Wikipedia or something before you start making things up! Anarchism is also different from liberalism and communism!

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    A mixture of both. Capitalism to reward those who are ambitious, and a little socialism to provide a small safety net so people don't completely fall by the way side. I think that if there is a good balance we can have a successful thriving country. No body wants to live in a society of ruthless cutthroats were everyone only cares about themselves. Nor do people want to live in a society were all their hard work is for naught.

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    Communism theory. However, in practice it has proven to be a failure.

    As for corruption in Capitilism, that will bring about its downfall if we're not careful. Whenever the Government steps in to regulate business, it is because of corruption in the business world.

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    Difference is, under Capitalism, we have a free press to expose the corruption, and under Communism, it's state controlled, and doesn't tell "we the people" anything it doesn't want us to know! Enough said!

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    no it just means that corruption tends not to completely destroy capitalism, it does tend to completely destroy communism. Communism is simply not a set up that can survive corruption, it is a set up that allows corruption to completely take over then ends in violence.

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    Not sure who everyone is but corruption is the wrong word.

    How about massive inefficiency, lack of competition leads to no desire to improve anything...ever.

    Garbage men earning the same as a brain surgeon?

    Come on man!! How driven to improve do you think the surgeon is...

    Great way to create a lazy society.

    2ND best way is mandatory pot smoking

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