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Is there an invention like an electronic dog whistle that will prevent my dog from making a mess of the trash?

Like is there an invention that you can attach to a trash can and when the doggie gets too close, the whistle will sound off and the dog will run away since he doesn't like dog whistles?

Where can I find it?

It would really help cuz my dog keeps knocking over the trash can.

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    Dogs are notorious for becoming tolerant of these devices.

    If this is an inside trash can, get one with a locking lid and put it under a cupboard with a baby lock.

    If this is an outdoor trashcan, either fence it off, keep it in the garage, or bungee cord the top and bungee it to a fence.

    Remove the problem rather than buy gadgets.

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    Most of the time, the dogs bark extra when you blow on the whistle because it produces a high frequency wail, which hurts their ears. They'll at the beginning bark extra while you blow on the whistle. However dogs are shrewd and over time will stop barking so you received’t blow the whistle. I endorse you consult a local pet supply apartment, that specialize in dog training due to the fact all whistles don’t irritate the dogs. Some without problems turn out to be signals.

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    Just buy a door frame alarm. The kind that if the signal is interrupted it makes this high pitched ringing sound until the signal is recreated.

    You can get the cheap play set ones from the toy department pretty much ANYWHERE, or you can buy the professional ones from safety shops.

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    Try three nickels in a pop can. Home remidy for barking ive seen it work, they run. just shake it at the dog n show it the mess it made itll understand eventually.

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  • miaugh
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    1 decade ago

    The best way, is to put the trash barrel up where he can't reach it, when you're not home. Or put the trash barrel inside a cabinet or closet where he can't get at it.

    You might also try a Scat Mat.


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    Put the trash can up on the counter, in a closet, in the garage or bathroom, etc. where he does not have access to it. Many dogs die of bloat because they get into garbage. Please keep your dog safe.

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    No.I wish.

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