Canada and America... are they basically the same thing?

what's so drastically different between the two countries?


I am Canadian

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    Nothing is Different. both located in North America. Both adapted the European style of living. America is just know more for its "Hollywood Action" But generally the two countries are very very similar.

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    Canada is a country located in America. America is a continent in which Canada is included. To be more precise Canada is in north America, a landmass than is shared with two main other countries, Mexico and The USA.

    Canada outside Quebec is not basically much different comparated with the US but is Mexico. Same language, same kind of peoples, same kind of cities, same kind of way of life, same kind of economies. There are differences, such as the fact that Canada tends to be more politically liberal and less religious. But the overall feel is that, especially when compared to non-English speaking nations in the rest of America, in Europe or Asia and Africa.

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    1 decade ago

    Well yeah... I'm a Canadian and I live in igloos, I ride my polar bear to school or other places, I only drink maple syrup and I play hockey all day....=D

    lol.. Americans and Canadians are different in some ways.

  • meng
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    3 years ago

    As a conservative myself, i'm a Republican out of necessity because the Democrat get jointly doesn't even come on the threshold of reflecting my values. That being pronounced, there are genuinely quite some Republicans who're not conservative. in the different case, our primaries ought to have lengthy gone in an fullyyt different course.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would say that a larger segment of Canadians are politically liberal compared to Americans. Your immigration policies are more accomodating to potential immigrants than the U.S.'s policies, and your healthcare system provides for all citizens.

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    there are a lot of similarities, with a few differences.

    but if you care about one of those thins that are different - then that matters. Since Canada wrote or rewrote it's Constitution several years ago, i they have become better and better.

    other than that - it's mostly about weather, climate, temperature, snow.

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    Canadians have a Peace Crew instead of a Military...Marijuana is kinda legal...Less crime

  • VENOM!
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    1 decade ago

    why don't you pay Canada a visit sometime?

    the difference is as clear as night and day

    Source(s): One proud Canadian
  • Are Mexico and Honduras the same thing? Of course not.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    canadians walk their dogs on foot!!

    while Americans take there car along!!

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