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Wal asked in SportsGolf · 1 decade ago

Kenny Perry?

How do all of you feel about Kenny Perry turning down the last 2 majors???and especially the British because he is playing in that junk tournament in the US that week...do u think it is right because he will get more points to be on the Ryrder cup team, or foolish because it shows he doesnt want to play with the best of the best on the harder courses, while many people would kill to play in a major???

i hope i get input because i dropped from level 3 to level 2 by asking this question.....lol

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    Hey Wal. Personally, I think too much is made of the touring pros electing to skip events to achieve other goals. These guys are independent contractors and each has his own agenda.

    Perry is not guaranteed of more Ryder Cup points by choosing to play in Milwaukee. But his chances are probably greater of actually securing some points because of his outstanding history at Brown Deer GC. Perry has played there every year since 2000, chalking up a victory (2003), four other Top 5s, two other Top 10s and a T-15. Although he was a member of the 2004 Ryder Cup team, this year's edition is in his home state of Kentucky and this is likely his last chance of making the team. Finally, he's already said that it's highly likely that he'll play in next year's British Open.

    This is not unprecedented either. Fred Funk took a public lashing for skipping the 2004 British Open to gather Ryder Cup points at the concurrent B.C. Open. He made the team.

    I like to make the analogy that if your favorite team sports franchise offered you a one-year contract to play at the league minimum wage but the rival team offered a multi-year deal for millions, what would you do? Perry is in a place in his life that he has the luxury to make a decision that would fulfill a dream that he probably wouldn't otherwise consider.

    Oh, and Perry didn't turn down the U.S. Open. He elected not to attempt to 36-hole qualify, citing his commitment to making the Ryder Cup team. He looks like a genius now that he's won two of the last five PGA Tour events.

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    Why waste your time. Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger told reporters that for Kenny Perry to be on the team, hes going to have to win some tournaments. Well, guess what. He won the memorial, and he dropped out of the us open at torrey pines, because he knew he never plays well there, and he wanted to win tournaments to be on the ryder cup team, so he practiced up and skipped those tournaments, to win the tournements a couple weeks later. It makes perfect sence, just think about it, he wanted to make the ryder cup team, so he wanted to win those tournaments because captain Paul Azinger said that Kenney Perry needs to win tournaments to be on the team.

  • googie
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    Have you ever given any thought to the fact that Kenny Perry may not like to fly? Have you also given any thought to the fact that he may have committed to the so called " junk tournaments " prior to last week's win? There are such words as" obligations" which define a person's character. I have no problem with Perry's decisions and I applaud him for sticking to his commitments.

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    Kenny Perry knows where he's at in his game and knew it was a better situation for him to skip the majors and focus on these other tournaments and hopefully then be ready for the next major.

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    I think he is dumb for not going to a major.

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