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What do Hungarians say of Erszébeth kiralyne? (Elizabeth of Bavaria, austrian empress). I would like to know how do they take her in their history..

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  • Isolde
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    1 decade ago
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    She was the wife of Franz Joseph, with whom she had a strained relationship. Elisabeth had always sympathised with the Hungarian cause and, reconciled and reunited with her alienated husband, she joined Franz Joseph in Budapest, where their coronation took place in 1867as King and Queen of Hungary. This established Hungary as an equal partner with Austria.

    Elisabeth surrounded herself with Hungarian ladies-in-waiting, being particularly close to Marie Festetics and Ida Ferenczy. She insisted that her attendants speak Hungarian, which she herself spoke fluently. One of her closest friends was Count Andrássy who later became Emperor Franz Joseph's Foreign Minister.

    Elisabeth's attachment to Hungary benefitted the Empire because the Hungarian people returned the attachment. They considered her the only Habsburg they trusted. Her flagrant and well-known preference for Hungary mollified the Hungarians and solidified the Empire. There are several sites in Hungary named after her, most famously the Erzsébet híd (Elisabeth Bridge) in Budapest

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