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Trauma Center Under the Knife 2?

What age group would you recomend Trauma Center Under the Knife 2 for?

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    I agree with hott_chik_01. This game is design for teenage to adults. But I also want to add that some of the misions may be too difficult for younger kids. So 11-50 is the best age group.

    Source(s): I played most Trauma Center games and I like Under the Knife 2 the best.
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    Since I have the first one I would consider it for teens or adults. Probably between the ages of 11 or 12 all the way to people that are 50 or so. I would say this because I knwo someone who is turning 12 who enjoys this while also I knwo someone who is 42 who also enjoys it. The reason I wouldn't give to anyone under 11 or 12 is because it is a little graphic for anyone thats like 7-8 and it involves exact cuts and things like that. But if someone wants it who is 8 or so and loves video games I'm not saying to not let them have it just dont go buying it for someone who isn't that much into video games or someone who wouldn't enjoy it or doesn't have good coordination.

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