How to get into West Point?

I am a sophmore in high school. I didn't get a great GPA (2.5) freshman year, but i have participated in Football and Wrestling. I took advanced science,Physics, and am wondering if i can still get into West Point if i get a 4.0 for the next 3 years and continue to play sports and achieve greater goals i have set.

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    a 2.5 wont cut it to get into west point. we're talking about one of THE toughest schools to get into in the country. they will always look at that 2.5 and have another student applying for your spot with a consistent 3.8 and go for the latter every time. its all well and good to say you will get a 4.0 for the rest of your high school career, but thats incredibly hard to do and you cant count on doing that. if you have done so poorly thusfar, it may not be possible for you to get straight A's from now on. plus, even if you did, that 2.5 gpa from freshman year will come back to haunt you. my friend tomeo had a solid 4.0 (not one B in his entire 4 years of high school) and was active in academic activities (west point is much more impressed with academic extra-curriculars than sports), with stellar sat scores and was rejected the first time he applied. he earned a 4.0 and a scholarship at the illinois institute of technology (another tough school but not nearly as highly ranked as west point)and was waitlisted when he applied sophomore year at west point, then luckily, was accepted. he has since graduated. you need to remember you will be going up against some of the top students of the country (a LOT of national merit scholars; tomeo was one), and you must be as good, if not better than them to win a spot. make sure you participate in some academic extra-curriculars and get the highest sat scores possible, but dont discount other schools; you will benefit from applying to several. good luck

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    definite, you want to receive a nomination out of your interior of reach congressman, both of your 2 senators, or the vice chairman with the intention to get to West aspect. a similar is genuine for the Naval Academy, the Air stress Academy, and the provider provider Marine Academy. it isn't genuine for the Coast preserve Academy. it ought to not look lifelike, yet you do not easily ought to attraction to close them with the intention to get a nomination. They take purposes. understanding them would help yet they nonetheless attempt to appoint the staggering applicants because it seems strong to have one in all their nominees graduate and it doesn't look so strong to have one drop out. also absolutely everyone of them may have as a lot as 5 nominees in each academy at any given time and would p.c.. as a lot as ten people for each empty spot they ought to compete for admission.

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