Does anyone know who the Original Broadway Cast is for RENT?

OK, I have a couple of questions about RENT. First off, who were the Originals way back when it first came out? Second who is now the Original cast of RENT?

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    Original Broadway cast

    The original Broadway cast of Rent was as follows:[36]

    * Mark Cohen: Anthony Rapp

    * Roger Davis: Adam Pascal

    * Mimi Marquez: Daphne Rubin-Vega

    * Tom Collins: Jesse L. Martin

    * Angel Dumott Schunard: Wilson Jermaine Heredia

    * Maureen Johnson: Idina Menzel

    * Joanne Jefferson: Fredi Walker

    * Benjamin Coffin III: Taye Diggs

    2007-2008 Touring Company

    Cast members: Heinz Winckler, Jed Resnick, Anwar Robinson, John Watson, Kristen-Alexzander Griffith, Jennifer Colby Talton, Onyie Nwachukwu, Christine Dwyer, Hannah Shankman, Jade Hicks, Devon Settles Jr., Natalie R. Perkins, Dustin Brayley, Corey Joseph Mach, Tim Ehrlich. Swings: Aswad, Jeff Cuttler, Miguel Jarquin Moreland, Christina Sajous, Stephanie Spano.

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    Pretty much its the same cast as the movie, but with a different Joanne and Mimi.

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