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Big Big Big Hair.....?

Okay.. so what tools do u use to make big hair? What kind of comb/ hair brush are u using to tease the hair to make it really volumised?


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    Try Aquanette. You know, from the eighties....

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    Lots of hair spray and hair wax. You will need a round brush and a comb. The kind of comb with the hair parter. First straighten all your hair, comb bangs to the front, and keep taking strands of hair lifting up off the head, and tease underneath. Each strand when done teasing dont forget some hair spray.

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    Small comb.. look for *hair teasing* on youtube. Use volumising spray first and finish with lots of hairspray =]

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    You use a special teasing comb or a regular one.Then you go back and forth with the comb and tease the hair and use lots of hairspray that is very important.

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    Hi, Big Big hair with lots of Big volume use Redken GUTS 10 volume spray foam lift up the roots or apply all over for Big volum with a hole lot of attitude and blow dry your hair up side down and from side to side and use 1-inch barrel curling the ends under or big Velcro curlers or if your hair is some what curly when you blow dry it all ways use a diffuser on the blower this gently blows the hair dry and reduces all that frizz.

    Source(s): Professional 37 years. Redken GUTS you can get at Sally's Beauty supply stores.
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    to set your style, wash ur hairr with Pantene volumizin shampoo and condit. then, blow dry and tease it with a teasing comb which can be found at Sallys or another beauty store. after teasing each piece, spray some Pantene volumizing spray to hold it. do the rest of your hair and walla! you'll have perfectly tease hair! hope this hels!

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    I use a comb, and a hairspray called, Big Sexy Hair. I blow dry it and spray it, then tease it and spray it.

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    well what i do for big hair is

    use a volumizing mousse.

    then with a fine tooth comb

    tease your hair. USE LOTS

    OF HAIRSPRAY!! shape it

    with your fingers after you

    tease it to add extra BIG!

    this video might help

    Youtube thumbnail

    good luck!

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    you can use a teasing comb( most affective, you can get it at sally's beauty supply).

    or a fine tooth comb will work.

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    no tools can make ur hair grow longer try some natural things like applying curd on ur really works

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