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Florida Unemployment for Mandatory Vacation?

I live and work in Florida. The employee handbook states that vacation time is awarded after one year of employment. During the Christmas and New Year time, the entire business will shut down for 2 weeks. The only paid holidays we will receive will be for Christmas and New Years (2 days). If we wish to get paid for the remaining 8 days of no work, we have to have enough vacation time saved up, however, up until that time, I will have been employed less then one year which results in no vacation time eligibility. Because this is a mandatory vacation, am I eligible to receive unemployment for these two weeks?

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    No. That is the contract your company has and you understood this when you were hired. Unemployment is for those that are unemployed, you will be on vacation.

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    No, I am sorry, but you are not entitled to unemployment for the eight days you will not be working and not getting paid for.

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