Is it hard to get into UNC chapel hill?

I want to go into the Nutrition Program about how high should your GPA be (not for admission but to be most likely accepted) I'm in high school but I'm taking 8 college classes this year. Five starting this fall. Also what would be the ideal SAT or ACT score?

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    UNC Chapel Hill is one of the best schools in the country (ranks #28 according to US News). Most schools that rank that high are typically hard to get into.

    25 percent of the last class that came in scored less than 1210 on the SATs (on a 1600 scale of course) and 25% scored above 1400. The other half fall somewhere between 1210 and 1400. Since we know that top schools are very interested in preserving their key statistics, I would say you are probably guaranteed admission if you score above 1500 and your chances are pretty good if you score over 1400.

    Average high school GPA is 4.42.

    Whenever you have a question like this about any school, you should first consult Princeton Review's It's a great tool and that's where I found all of the information I included in this answer.

    Good luck to you!

  • 4 years ago

    i'm a present day UNC pupil. basically an extremely small share of standard scholars are out of state. so which you extremely could desire to make your self stand out to get in. you could desire to get your attempt rankings up. attempt for an 1800 a minimum of. additionally, that failed type is going to injury you. If it exchange into an AP or college point type, it won't look as undesirable as basically a HS direction. you prefer management journey. Its superb you're in maximum of golf equipment yet unquestionably it may be greater appropriate which you would be elbow deep in some (in the journey that your in reaaallly deep into 8--holy crap you're incredible). you nonetheless have time! you're basically a junior. Senior 3 hundred and sixty 5 days is whats maximum intense. somewhat get obtainable and attempt. base line: you're at the back of. artwork your a$$ off and you nonetheless have of venture

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