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How many laps down will Gordon, Junior, and Stewart be this Sunday when JJ YELEY posts his first career win?

My guess is Gordon -54 due to blown motore, Junior and Stewart down -10 laps cause they wreck late like always tryin to go for broke.




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    JJ's car will be in the garage, and JJ will be in his camping trailer watching the race on a 12 inch black and white TV with tin foil on the antennas drinking an AMP cheering on Jr. JJ isn't that great, is probably struggling to keep a ride. Maybe Go-carts is his thing.

    NO, seriously, IF JJ wins, I WILL shave my eyebrows, like I said in our previous bet. Heck, I'll shave my legs if he finishes in the top 5.

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    Now lady,don't get your hopes up on JJ winning this weekend and neither Gordon,Stewart,and Junior will finish a SINGLE lap down.

    All I can say is keep your hopes up on Yeley.He would be much better if he stayed at Gibbs.TRUST ME!

    GO Jr.!

  • None. You won't be lapping down the top three contenders. And JJ Yeley will probably be in the garage by the end of the race. How many questions like this are you going to post before you realize that you need to get a life???

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    Dude JJ Yeley is debatably the worst driver in NASCAR. He sucks! He has like 2 Top 10 finishes in like 3 years of racing he sucks! The people you think will go laps down are the good ones! They will go 1-2-7!

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    Odds are none of those guys (Stewart, Jr, Gordon) will be laps down, but you never know accidents happen! As for JJ, I guess it is possible for him to win, he would just have to be the luckiest person in the world, or wreck the other 42 guys on the race trace without wrecking himself!!!!!!!

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    A better question is will the hauler be back at the shop before the race starts. Let's be realistic here huh? JJ could'nt do sh*t in the 18 car that Kyle Busch has won 5 races in this year.

  • Rondi
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    No offense, I don't think he will win but there is a good chance

    he could have a top 10 or another top 5.

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    How many laps down will Yeley be when Gordon, Junior, or Stewart wins?

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    JJ will be in Dale Jr.'s lap, trying to get some.

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    Not gonna happen. Gordon, Stewart, or Jr. will win.

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