Where can I see a map of South Africa,showing the coastline GardenRoute frm Durban to CapeTown&theKaroo toJHB?

Will be driving along the coastline, by car with a group of 4,(i.e.2 couples) from Durban on 4/9/08 to Cape Town. Would love to visit the Wild Coast, East London & Port Elizabeth, Kango Caves,Chapman's Peak, Cape Point, Table Mt., Robben Island, Cape vineyards,etc. Could you suggest other important places of interest along the way? Hope to leave Cape Town on 14/9/08 and drive through the Great Karoo to visit the Kruger National Park and Sun City, near Gauteng/ Johannesburg area. We plan to leave there by 18/9/08 for Durban. We would appreciate some names of reasonable hotels/guest houses or self-catering apartments all along the road journey, namely in East London, Cape Town, The Karoo and the Gauteng area, near Kruger National Park. What are the things that we ought to be careful of,i.e. safety & security? Are there any "no-go" areas to watch out for? We will be in Durban again from 19/9/08 to 30/9/08. Could we have some interesting places to c in our 2 weeks stay in Durban?THANK YOU!

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    Here is a site with a lot of useful links:


    I would suggest you contact your local Automobile club for maps and info. The AA of South Africa was very helpful when we went thru SA. When one is already a member of an Automobile club, then the service is mostly for free.

    To recommend a place to stay is rather difficult. It does depend on where you intend to stay, how long you want to spend in certain areas etc and what sort of prices and standards you expect.






    And this site is quite informative in helping you plan your trip:


    And the AA of SA travel guide:


    I hope you have a memorable, safe trip, and always take care, be alert, please.

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    Google = map of South Africa or use Google earth. Port Elizabeth isn't that great. If it depended on me I would drive right through it. Watch out, this time of the year it's really cold there.

    Also ovoid driving in the middle of the night. In Durban you might want to go to Ushaka. It's a cool place on the coast. Google that to if you want to see. While you're in Gauteng you can also visit Gold Reef City. Great theme park in Johannesburg.Rantanga Junction in the hart of Cape Town is also a great theme park with the Casino across the road. I live in Gauteng-South Africa. E-mail me if you have any more questions.

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    Use the following website.


    Click on 'Get direction' - then enter starting and ending point and click again 'get direction'. Start with well known cities like Cape Town and Durban. Add South Africa to the search criteria, e.g. 'Cape Town South Africa to Durban South Africa'

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    Buy a GPS

    If you have one already, update it its only R50.00

    To answer your Question you can get the map at CNA

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