Re: Massachusetts cigarette tax laws....?

Due to the preposterous cigtax hike of July 1, I want to order cigs directly from the manufacturer in New Mexico, but someone told me its illegal to get cigs through the mail (tho I did it a couple years ago). Does anyone know if bypassing the corner store for cigs is legal/illegal? I appreciate your input, thanks! :)

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    1 decade ago
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    You can order from the Indian reservation stores in both New Mexico and Arizona, cigarettes purchased from them are shipped to all states on an hourly basis via US mail, further they are tax exempt, but if you sell them in the State of Massachusetts then you would have to pay taxes on them.~

  • 4 years ago

    Tobacco is a huge export crop interior the U. S. , till some years in the past it grow to be regulated on how lots each and each farmer ought to improve. It additionally grow to be a backed crop with the AG dept controlling maximum of the commerce. that is been a criminal crop on condition that usa of america grow to be got here upon or till now because of the fact the crop grow to be grown by ability of the Indian inhabitants. Taxes have been accumulated on it on condition that England grow to be the mum usa. Governments have made money from it for thus long it won't end quickly. Sin taxes are basic to placed on electorate because of the fact it divides people , those wh do no longer smoke say they do no longer care no remember if it incredibly is raised 1000% , same as liquor taxes , people say they do no longer drink or do no longer that many times so a tax isn't any huge factor .. Tax a small team at a time and no person notices. however the clarification the tax went up is for the infants, wellbeing look after people who cant discover the money for to purchase scientific wellbeing insurance for his or her infants, they are able to discover the money for automobiles , flat show screen television , and different issues like dressmaker outfits yet cant pay for scientific wellbeing insurance , so people who smoke are think to purchase it for them.

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