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Becoming a police officer?

I live in Maryland, and have for my whole life. Now, I feel like I need to do something for my state. This leads me to Baltimore, by far the worst part of my state. So my question is, is it difficult to become a Baltimore City Police officer?


Even though I doubt Baltimore needs it, will a military background (I want to get out of Maryland for a while before I get tied down) and a college degree in a completely worthless field (history) help at all?

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    All applicants for the position of Police Officer Trainee in Baltimore, Maryland are required to pass a job-related fitness test administered by Departmental Personnel.

    Applicants must complete a minimum of 29 sit-ups within 1 minute.

    Flexibility: Applicants must be able to sit and reach 16.5 inches.

    Bench Press: Applicants must bench press 64% of their body weight at least one time.

    1.5 mile run: Applicants must complete the 1.5 mile run within 16:28 minutes.

    Glock familiarization; Police Officer Trainee Applicants must have the ability to control and dry fire a departmental .40 caliber Glock Pistol.

    Police Officer Trainee Applicants must demonstrate the ability to charge the pistol with their strong hand and weak hand. Applicants must be able to release the magazine from the pistol using both strong hand and weak hand.

    Applicants must have 20/40 one eye 20/100 other eye, corrected to 20/20 in both eyes with glasses, with 75% depth perception. Applicants must have the ability to recognize basic colors. Contact lenses must be removed for a minimum of 24 hours before eyes are tested without lenses.

    Written Test - The written test is an English based examination consisting of 100 questions. Candidates are given 2 1/2 hours to complete the test, which is comprised of five sections:

    1. Spelling - this section of the examination is individually timed.

    2. Grammar

    3. Vocabulary

    4. Reading Comprehension

    5. Chronological Order

    Background Investigation - Candidates will be subject to a comprehensive background investigation. Several areas of the background investigation are: Employment History, Criminal Record and Arrest History, Driving Record, Credit History, Military History, Education, Personal References, and Residential History.

    Polygraph Examination - Candidates will be interviewed regarding their integrity and personal history.

    Psychological Examination - Candidates will undergo a comprehensive psychological examination which includes a personality screening and an interview with a psychologist.

    Medical/ Physical Examination - Candidates will undergo a full medical screening and examination, by a certified physician designated by the Baltimore County Police Department. Candidates will undergo vision and hearing tests as well as periodic drug screening.

    The fact that you will have a military background and a college degree will demonstrate a higher level of personal discipline than that of non-military, non-degreed applicants.

    You degree (although in an unrelated major) will greatly expedite your promotional possibilities.

    Good luck!

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    Yes-Most of the Police Departments throughout the US only require a High School and in some cases a Two Year AA or AS Degree. Criminal Justice and other degrees are good and will give you some great insight and assistance pertaining to the law enforcement community. But it is my opinion that having an English Degree would be somewhat an advantage over other degrees. Every city, county, state, and federal law enforcement agency has there own particular set of rules, laws, and procedures pertaining to that particular agency and/or jurisdiction. A key element in any successful law enforcement career is the ability for that person to be able to communicate both orally and in writing. Professional presentations and properly written correspondence is a key element in any advancement in any law enforcement career.

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    Getting police officer jobs is becoming more and more competitive. When police departments are hiring, they usually have many qualified applicants for a relatively small number of openings. Requirements to become a police officer vary and how you become a police officer varies depending on the police department. How difficult it might be for you to become a police officer can depend a lot on your aptitude and what you consider to be difficult. Consider local, state, and federal police officer jobs.

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    both of my parents are nopd

    they had to first go through an academy

    where they did various activities to gain the physical and mental strengths needed for the job.

    I'm not sure about a degree in history

    but i know that if you major in criminal justice you can later become Sergent or other high ranks

    good luck

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    It depends on the numbers....(the amount of cops they already have/if they need to hire anymore cops in the area)

    Dont choose a specific area to work, that limits your possibility of becoming something/someone!

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    You can do anything you put your mind into.

    Good Luck!

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