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Did these movies suck or what?

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE – Wanted to be a more cerebral than The Bourne Identity but came out as T.B.I.'s retarded little brother. Viggo M. sucked big time in this one! I don't know which was worse, his take of a Russian hit man in Eastern Promises or his take of a regular Joe with a "dark past" in H.O.V. (scary).

ATONEMENT – My. God. A 2-hour long Channel perfume commercial past as a "movie". I was bored to tears with this load of crap! Nothing about this movie made me cry, laugh, ect., ect. B-o-r-i-n-g. "Come back to me. Come back to me. Oh please come back to me." (OH SHUT UP ALREADY!)

AUGUST RUSH – When exactly did Robin Williams stop caring what type of scripts to accept? A.R. was one of thee cheesiest movies I have ever seen. It tried so hard to be sweet…all it did was leave me with dry heaves.

SLEUTH – Was the original film as stupidly written as the remake? Talk about seeing the curveball a mile away. Each sentence, not scene, I was two steps ahead of the movie.

THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE – Yet another Oscar Award winning actress (i.e. Mira Sorvino, Whoopi Goldberg) who hasn't had a hit since her Oscar winning performance. Everything about this movie made me say, "Oh come on!" Especially the part where she has Benicio lay on her bed so she could fall asleep like she did when her husband was alive. I mean who really does that?

THE DARJEELING LIMITED – The real reason Own Wilson wanted to kill himself! After I watched this piece of crap I tried slitting my own wrists. (With an electric shaver. I was suicidal not stupid.)

MARGOT AT THE WEDDING – Not even the genius of Jack Black could've saved this script. Bad, bad, bad. And what was up with Jennifer Jason Leigh's character? Was it me or did it look like she smelled like utter anus? She looked disgusting. Apparently there was no money left to spend on makeup and wardrobe.

That's just a list of movies that were supposed to be critically acclaimed. Far from it, brother.

I'll give my list of movies that you SHOULD'VE seen soon. Here's a hint of that list. The Savages, The Orphanage, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, I Could Never Be Your Woman...

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    Who are you trying to be, Roger Ebert?

    I hate critics.

    The only thing they are good at is putting down other people's work because they can't create anything meaningful of their own.

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    - the eco-friendly Lantern - Yeah, it sucks - Robin Hood (2010) - Agrizzle - Captain u . s . - have not watched it - even in spite of the undeniable fact that i'd want to. - Iron guy - Hell no, love this movie. i won't have the ability to think of of a single actor greater appealing and charismatic than Downey Junior, the guy oozes cool, particularly in this movie. - 50 First Dates - it particularly is a cheesy, cheesy rom-com - yet i don't hate it. that's humorous in areas, like Drew Barrymore's brother on steroids, yet yeah, that's truthfully not a ideal movie. - Avatar - i'd agree one hundred%, not a bad movie yet i'm surprisingly confident each physique over the age of 13 - who would not come out of the cinema every time thinking that they have purely considered the superb movie ever - replaced into awaiting greater helpful.

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    I've never seen those movies, but yeah, they looked and still look RETARDED.

    What happened? LOL.

    The very bottom list you made, did you really like those movies? The Orphanage looks promising.

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    out of those ive only seen history of violence of atonement...and i thought both were ok except for right when they got interesting, the movie was done.

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    Atonement was alright, it was interesting!

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