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Anyone from Jacksonville, NC?

Just wondering if anyone has been to Lauradale Apartments in Jacksonville. Im moving in soon and want to hear some opinions about it. I've been down and seen the place already...loved it, but not long enough to know what its really like.


Im set on moving in there i already signed the lease i just want to be know if its the type of place i'll need to get a second lock on the door.

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    In Jacksonville, I might put double locks on my doors anyway and I would probably never drive there either. When we were at Lejeune we lived out in Sneads Ferry and did all our important business down in Wilmington. Hope you have a good experience though. Start reading the Jacksonville Daily News online, read the stories and the comments that go along with them, you'll start to see the type of people you're going to be amongst. Oh another place you might want to ask questions is something called Lejeune Underground never used it myself but I know people post all sorts of stuff on there, someone on there surely knows a thing or 2 about those apartments.

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    When my husband was stationed at New River we lived in Circle Drive Apts. Rent for a 1/1 was only $350 or so. A friend of mine lives in the apts on GumBranch... Left at the BK if heading toward the mall and then on the Right side... just past shoot, Nottingham, or Sherwood or something to do with Robin Hood. :) I like her apt. It is a 2/2 but the price was around $700 or so.

    Never looked at Lauradale check they might be on there... that's where tenants can go to leave positive or negative feedback. I absolutely loved the area there and being so close to Top Sail beach... I would move back there in a heartbeat.

    Source(s): Marine Wife -- Love it or Leave it
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    i'm uncertain what the regulations are for dogs on your beaches in NC yet top right here in California all state beaches enable dogs on them as long as they're leashed. confirm the link under for dogs friendly parks on your neck-of-the-woods. Your welcome.

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    lots of drugs in that area ive lived here all my life...not the best place to live...deer field across the street isnt much better

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