Can anyone tell me the HOUSE requirements for FHA (not to get FHA loan)?

When we bought our house 5 years ago we were told it probably wouldn't qualify for FHA financing because there's no cross ventilation under the house in the crawl space. Now we're selling and we've received an offer and they want to do an FHA loan. But is there somewhere I can go to find out if our house qualifies because I've heard that FHA has slackened their requirements recently. If you can provide website it would be especially good, I'm not coming up with the right stuff in my own search.

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    Here ya go:

    FHA calls it an appraisal, but it is basically a home inspection also.

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    you will know if it qualifies after the appraisal is done. If there are deficiencies the agents will contact you and tell you what must be done. All windows must open, stove in working order as well as all appliances that are staying. He will check hvac system. any stairs over 3 high must have a hand rail. No peeling pain or missing floor coverings or rotten wood these are things he will check as he or she does the inspection. look at thing they take pictures of inside the home. when they are finished they will probably tell you what needs to be done. At least my FHA appraisers do with my clients

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    I am buying a short sale, the bank(current lien holder) has had an appraisal done. will I have to get another appraisal from my lender once the approval comes thru?

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