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B o o k C l u b?

Hey everyone

So I am starting an online book club via email. if anyone wants to join, i'll actually start it. do you want to join? if so, please give your email and favorite book in your answer.

i'm only 12 so i dont read really hard books. examples of books that i was thinking of doing: twilight (stephenie meyer), each little bird that sings (deborah wiles), Haunted: A tale of the Mediator (meg cabot)

my email is bubblegum.kisses101@



PLEASE show your email address otherwise- lol- how can you be part of my online email book club?

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    sounds pretty cool:D

    my favorite book is the five people you meet in heaven by mitch albom.

    i really loved twilight and the mediator seires

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    Hey! I'll join, I'm 12 also! A lot od people have already read the Twilights, so I don't think you should do those. Here's a book (well series) Sisterhood of the Traveling pant? Lord of the rings? Stuff like that.

    sry, I forgot it, I just added it, I really want to be a part of the book club. =)

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    i'll join too. im also 12. i read the twilight series and really liked them. my favorite books include: Chain Mail by hiroshi ishizaki and the fear street saga by R.L.Stine. its a little horror but its mostly romance.

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    I am twelve and I would like to be in your club.My favorite book is The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley. It is about a girl who has special powers and has to pretend to be a guy to be the folk keeper, but later she falls in love and discovers who she really is( I do not want to give away too much info:) .

    Please email me!

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