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Can anybody tell me anything about albino frogs?

I was over at Walmart; don't bother telling me not to buy reptiles from there. They had these absolutely tiny little albino frogs there...well, probably not tiny, but they DEFINITELY don't look anything like a smaller version of an African albino frog that I keep hearing about whenever I Google them.

But yeah. All I want is some information.

I have a huge tank. It's either 20 gallons or over. It's going to take some time to clean it, since it's pretty much been dead lately. BUT, I don't like how big it is. I just want one frog, maybe two. So, really stupid question, but: Do you think I can just put the frog in a jar or something? I guess, clean it every once in a while? Put some foliage in it? I mean, if you find out that it's going to be pretty small, even as an adult. If it's big, I'll gladly put it in the tank.

And this might help; it's a crappy cell phone picture of one of the frogs. I'll edit this later with a better photo.

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    That's a young albino African clawed frog - I promise ;-)

    They do get quite large. A 20 gallon tank could hold several of them. For one or two, a 10 gallon is fine. I wouldn't recommend a small, unfiltered container - even young ACFs produce a lot of waste, so you want several gallons of water per frog.

    You can use your 20 gallon, but if you want something smaller, you can get a 10 gallon tank for about 10 dollars. A filter and supplies will cost somewhat more. ACFs don't like strong currents, so you'll need to find a balance between something that keeps the water clean enough and something gentle enough as to not disturb the frogs.

    A few other tips - it's probably easiest to keep the bottom of the tank bare. Tape dark paper to the underside to make the frogs feel more comfortable. Gravel can get ingested by the frogs and cause health problems, and food and waste can build up in it. You can also use large, smooth stones that the frogs can't fit in their mouths.

    Fake plants are best, since ACFs will often tear up and dig up any live ones. Try to avoid sharp plastic ones - softer is better. They also need hiding places...lots of the caves and fake logs they sell for fish work fine.

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    Congrats at the new fish! You will wish to discover a brand new house for the frog, simply because the others mentioned, it's going to devour your fish because it matures. They are unlawful in California due to the fact they have got taken over lakes and ponds and burnt up complete fish populations. Your frog is an African Clawed frog. I recognise this due to the fact there are not any albino dwarfs in the marketplace. He is mainly "peers" with the loach within the identical manner Elmer Fudd used to be continually inviting Buggs to dinner, warming as much as him till it's time for dinner. I could preserve the fish, and take the frog to a puppy retailer as a "donation". You would even get somewhat of retailer credit score to move closer to chemical substances or meals.

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    definatly a clawes frog.

    use the 20.

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    it is not albino they are all white like that. i volunteered at a place and had to take care of them. they are pretty awesome, and yeah they get pretty big.

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    They hate the sunlite. They wear those pink tinted glasses.

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