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How do you find an intersection on ti 89 titanium?

This is what I know:

1. Draw the two functions

2. Press F5.

3. Go to intersection

4. Then it goes press on first and then second curve

5. Then it says left bound and right bound.

After i do all that, This is what i get:

I get graph and below it, it says: Intersection. But it does give me the point of intersection(I mean the number). Help me find that.



The problem is that mine does not give the point of intersection. It just says intersection and that is it.

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    for step 4 move cursor near point on graph press enter then enter again. step 5 move a little to the left of intersection press enter move to the right of point then presss enter again mine gave the x and y coordinates of the intersection point within the numerical capabilities of the viewing window parameters

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