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Are dragons among us?

If you believe that dragons are among us then please answer this questions and provide details of why or why not. Thank you!

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    Of course they are. We have giraffes, flamingos, elephants, titmice, frogs that freeze themselves, seahorses, manatees, whales, and even lizards that can run on water.

    Why can't we have dragons?

    We have unicorns, as well!

    (If a horse were to grow a horn; a goat or ram only to grow ONE horn, or anything like that, it is a unicorn. Uni = one. Corn = a reference to the term "horn", re-translated through many languages and twisted into the mythical being people think of today. Unfortunately for nonbelievers, unicorns do exist. As do dragons. If one exists, why not the other?)

    Oh and btw goblins exist too. Ever wonder where your socks go?

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    Yes, I'm a Dragon. I was born in the year of the Dragon, so that makes me a Dragon along with a lot of other people born in the same Chinese Year of the Dragon.

    If it is animals that you are talking about, then yes again. You can find them on Rinca Island in Indonesia, see link below.

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    Comodo Dragon.

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    Kommodo dragons.

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    No, why would they? If dragons are real then why not trolls and centaurs. I'm just curious, what led you to believe they were in the first place?

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    There are no dragons, unless you consider some birds as mini dragons.

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    yes i have a pet one he's called dennis , dennis the dragon, and kommodo dragons are lizards so are bearded dragons

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    Of course they are! Some live in my head, and the others live in my bedroom and light my fire sometimes. Dragons are awesome and Larry (my baby dragon) keeps me warm when it snows. =]

    oh and also

    silber, you said theres no dragons, then you just said you saw one pass your window .. make up your mind!

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    Yes. Komodo Dragons. :D

  • komodo dragons

    bearded dragons.

    just watch animal planet and there's dragons galore!

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