what is bpa in formula?

i never heard of it when my son was a baby bur i hear alot about it know

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    bpa is not found in formula (let me correct myself, its found in some of the linings of formula cans, baby food jars, and in plastic baby bottles)

    You keep hearing about it right? What is BPA and why should it be avoided?

    An industrial chemical called Bisphenol A or BPA is making the headlines too much. Interestingly it is not getting so much attention because of its hormone-like qualities and dangerous implications as it is the fact that it can most commonly be found in places you would least suspect, like baby bottles, toys, sippy, cups, and baby formula cans. It is hard to fathom why products commonly used by babies would contain such harmful chemicals. But they do...and YOU need to know about it.

    Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins. BPA is used to make lightweight, high-performance plastics that are tough and heat resistant. Immediately then you can see the benefit to companies in choosing to use this ingredient for things such as bottles and cups.

    This chemical has the ability to mimic hormones as well and several studies have linked BPA to weight gain, abnormalities that can lead to breast and prostate cancer, brain damage, abnormal organ development, and hyperactivity. The companies using BPA have declared their products only contain amounts considered safe but this does not address cumulative exposure from all the various products we use that contain BPA. When you consider all of the different products you may use that contain this chemical the exposure level does not appear to be so safe or small. In fact the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has declared that "human exposures are above the current U.S. safety limit."

    This lens is dedicated to showing you alternative bottles and sippy cups that are safe for your child.

    P.S. Other things to look out for...baby toys and teethers with BPA as well as pacifiers, toddler eating utensils and plates. These items can also contain BPA.


    here is site that you can visit, that lists all the baby brand names. you can click on the baby brand name and it will take you to another page which lists their products that are BPA free and which ones contain bpa... if you are looking for BPA free bottles, BORN FREE makes great bottles.


    Source(s): MOMMY OF A 7 MONTH OLD BOY
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    Anything plastic with a #7 on it probably has BPA in it. Bisphenol A, it is a toxin in the plastic. Almost everyone is making new BPA free versions of their bottles and sippies now and formula makers are coming out with BPA free containers for their product soon. Here are a couple of sites to help you get more info:

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    It's not the formula... it's the plastic in the baby bottles. All baby bottles in Canada are BPA-free... major brands like Playtex, Nuby, Dr. Brown, Gerber, etc.

    If you are concerned, contact the bottle company directly.

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    BPA is a toxin in plastic. They just banned it in baby bottles here in Canada.

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    A toxic polycarbonate.

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