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stephen king.salem's lot?

i have the book night shift by stephen king,and i wanna read the one short story called jerusalem's lot...but is it connected to salem's lot..and should i read salem's lot first.

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    The only thing the have in common is the town and maybe some suggestion of each other. The short story is very good and creepy but the subject matter really has nothing to do with subject matter in 'salems lot.

    I think he just wanted it to seems like the town has a attraction for "evil"

    The Short story is set chronologically before the novel so read it first.

    BTW, there is another story set in Jerusalems lot. It is called "one for the road" and it is also in Night Shift but read that one after 'Salems Lot

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    They are one in the same, both penned by King. King chose Jerusalem's Lot, but the publisher changed it to Salem's Lot.

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