Question about Anime/Manga In Japan?

I was browsing wikipedia when I saw this:

"In Japan, anime is not as widely accepted and mainstream as manga..." < >

What is the reason behind this? I live in USA, and thought In japan, Anime is VERY popular.

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    In Japan most anime is created after the manga version. So as you can see when someone creates a manga like an author and if it becomes a really good book a director who wants to make an anime version of the manga goes to the author who is the owner of the name of the manga to get permission and make a deal. Which ends up with buisness to take care of and then approval and Ta da a new anime. That is why that in Japan people look at manga in a different way since it's the original story, because as many of us know the anime is a bit different or a lot different than the the original (manga). Besides haven't you seen in the internet when people say that the manga is way better than the anime. Anime is cool but sometimes they cut out scenes or characters who are in the manga or sometimes they make new character in the anime. Well I hope that explains it. =D

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    it truly is an exciting question. for my area, i do no longer think that the different united states interior the worldwide could do an identical sturdy pastime as Japan does with the two manga and anime. Now, i'm no longer being racist, however the eastern are in certainty the "Gods" of the manga and anime worldwide. a million. it may get replaced dramatically, because it does no longer posses the unique experience in any respect. it may in basic terms experience like a inexpensive imitation. 2. It does not make me experience unique, as there are hundreds (even hundreds of thousands) of manga and anime followers interior the worldwide. notwithstanding, in basic terms some hundred like the stuff i like. 3. i'm fascinated approximately exchange, as long because it does not take over something. I desire each little thing to be stored equivalent extremely than one faith or perception ruling the worldwide.

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    Anime is VERY popular in japan seeing as it was created there! The thing is, manga is the comic books and stuff and its just way more popular. Anyway, you got that from wikipedia, dont believe it!!

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    It is, compared to the U.S.

    But in Japan, it isn't considered as good because it isn't the original.

    Besides, manga rocks anime into the ground!!

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  • it is n wikipedia users most time make it and that time it was you can see that the user made the page on that at the bottom of the page

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