How do i put music into my SAMSUNG SLIDER SGH-a737 cell phone?

I have a Samsung SGH-a737 cell phone which has an mp3 player in it. I was wondering if i can pull music off my computer from iTunes or Limewire and put it into the phone? If so how? PLEASE HELP ME......

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    1 decade ago
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    yes, you can!

    music files from itunes are under DRM protection. in order to play them on mp3 players other than ipod and iphone, you need a special program to help remove the protection mechanism and convert the music files. i always use tuneclone audio converter, which i was recommended to not long ago. it automatically generates a virtual cd burner, with which the music files can be converted at very high speed.

    you can learn more about it from:

  • 4 years ago

    uncertain approximately your telephone, yet mine I had to purchase slightly chip that I placed into the computing gadget downloaded songs and then placed back into my telephone. It has a Mp3 participant in mine! desire this facilitates! :)

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