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Katie prices book angel did u enjoy it?

rite i brought her book angel the other week and i had read it in about 2 daysi just could not put it down and now she is goin to bring out angel uncovered on the 17th this month i just can not wait i have preorder it so for them people who have read it wot do u think of it ?

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    I have to admit that when I saw Katie Price was writing her first novel I was a bit dubious. Okay, incredibly dubious. When I saw the promotions for it, and realised it was a story about a young girl who turns to glamour modelling to try to earn the money she desperately needs if she is to follow her dreams my fears for the book deepened. Was this going to be yet another version of Katie's life, or would she surprise me? I have to admit I was curious as I began to read.

    'Angel' tells the story of Angel, a girl who is just on the brink of finishing college with dreams of a career in fashion design. The only problem is that she doesn't have enough money to fund the art course she desperately wants to take, and her parents won't fund such an uncertain future. On top of that its been less than a year since her parents revealed that she was adopted - she's still not really sure of who she is or whether she really belongs.

    Angel is tempted by a model scout to have some photos taken. When the photographer suggests doing some glamour shots she feels a little reluctant. Once she agrees though she quickly realises that this could be the shortcut to the money she wants. Angel's rise to fame as a glamour model is rapid, and all of a sudden everybody wants a piece of her. Surely something's got to bring her down again, but will she survive?

    This is a reasonably written debut novel, particularly when you consider that the author has no experience of writing beyond her own memoirs. The subject matter is so familiar when you think about Katie Price that you wonder whether some of it may actually be autobiographical. Then again they say write what you know, and this is certainly what Price knows. This does make me think that we will only truly see whether Price has promise as a novelist

    The characters and plot were believable, you could easily see some of them gracing the pages of the tabloid gossip pages. The ending was relatively accomplished, whereas this is an area some first time novelists appear to struggle with Price tied up all the ends neatly but without it feeling forced.

    This would be perfect as an easy read for the beach this summer.

    Rating : 3 out of 5

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    Loved It Read It About A Year Ago,,

    Yhuu Should Read Crystal,,

    Her Second Book,,

    Couldn't Put Either Of Them Down,,!!

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