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Any interesting facts about your family?

I have a few about mine and my friends.

Mine: my godmother knows Tina Turner and a guy from Dallas,

my great grandad was in WW1 in the battle of the Somme, my mum was asked to be in the Miss Yorkshire pagent when she was 20 by a talent scout (she said no!?!)

My boyfriends great grandad guarded Himmler's cell during WW2 and stole his glasses (but had to give them back)

My friend Stuart's great aunt was upper class on the Titanic and died on the Titanic and two of his ancestors had a ballad written about them because they refused to do as the king said so they were drowned.


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    I love these sort of questions :-)


    my granpa was in the first Around the world in 80 days movie ; he was one of the guards , he even had a line.

    my other granpa was part of the sound crew for the first Tom Thumb movie.

    my mums cousins husband owns Optical Express.


    other one of my mums cousins husband is in WET WET WET.

    and i think this is the most interesting .

    my uncle married into our family ; one of his ancestors was the first and only english pope to this days.

    yours are very interesting :-D

    i like the one about titanic , it must be quite emotinal to watch the movie and see how one of your family memebers diea that way.

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    My Grandparents were friends with Sir Edmund Hillary. He was the first person to climb to the top of Mt Everest.

    My Uncle met Shania Twain in the supermarket the other day. They were both looking for cheese and asked my uncle where to look. My uncle didn't even realize who she was!

    My Grandad is a Sir.. like he's been knighted.

    My other Uncle's in business with Sam Neill (the actor from Jurassic Park).

    My Mum's cousin's family are the Fultons in Fulton Hogan, which is a big contracting company in New Zealand and Australia.

    I'm the first person from my Dad's side to finish high school.

    My Dad was adopted and has 12 brothers and sisters.

    Lol that's about as exciting as it gets in little old New Zealand =]

    EDIT- I thought of something else =]

    My Mum use to be a mountain runner. She bet Melissa Moon (the women's world mountain running champion) in a race here.


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    My grandad was a very well know mechanic in Feltham, Middx in the 60's and 70's and often serviced Tom Jones' car. My mum used to play with his son.

    My dad was in the Royal Artillery and was stationed in Northern Ireland. He would often have to go to the prison (can't remember the name but quite famous) and he was there the night that Gerry Adams was arrested in 1973.

    My husband is a builder and when he was doing his apprenticeship he had to paint a house/building in Eton High Street. As he was painting a voice behind him said that he was doing a good job, he turned around and it was Rolf Harris.

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    Wow such interesting people on yahoo !!!

    Here goes, my grandmothers cousin was Ernest Hemingway, another cousin became Mayor of Canada.

    In 1873 one of my dads relatives laid the first stone in Alexandra Palace in London and another was part of the Goodyear Tyre company the year it started.

    My mum was a nanny during the war in London and she used to look after the film producer John Howard Davies when he was a child, mum said he was always inventing things and painting pictures of my mum.

    Mum is Irish and when she worked there she looked after a little girl from a very rich family the little girl was called Anne Annesley and her father used to travel the world and bring back exotic plants to plant in their huge garden. Follow this link to see the gardens now http://www.annesgrovegardens.com/

    My sister and her husband and their two kids went here last summer to retrace mums steps and took some photographs, mum she remembered walking with her little charge in these gardens and posing by the bridge with the little girl.

    I suppose the world is too small for none of us to know someone famous.

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    My grandmother travelled around the world, as a child during WWI. I've heard lots of stories about it. She used to play with mines on the beaches of Croatia, because sheh didn't know what they were.

    My second cousin is a olympic rower, he won silver! He's apparently over two metres tall, and has to get his bed specially made otherwize he wouldnt fit on it stretched out!

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    Nothing cool about my family (well I mean Im sure there is, but I dont know about it.. My parents dont tell me stuff like that) I just wanted to share my husbands co-worker.. His grandpa was coming into the US after some war, and they were killing all Russians that passed and he was Russian, so when they asked for his name he made something up- just started giving the guy letters, which saved his life and he started a family in the US. His last name is Chinikidiadi (Chin-e-kid-e-odd-e). I thought that was so cool! I would be soooo proud of my last name!!!

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    my family has been in the US since the civil war...my great great grandpa was a soldier and fought in the civil war

    my grandpa was a soldier too and he fought in WW2...he stormed the beaches at normandy and was a sniper

    my family also comes from an extremely old irish clan that dates back all the way to medieval times

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    I dunno many things about my family, BUT:

    I had a great(Dunno how many times.) uncle who was banned from Ireland, and sent to Australia because he stole a sheep, way, way back when.

    My great(Great?) Aunt had a Lake named after her family...'Love Lake', it was called.

    My cousin is a Song writer, has met some Country singers.

    Ooh, and my Great(Or maybe Great..I don't remember.) grandfather was born in 1900 so, Like whatever year it was, That how old he was..Like if it was 1906, He'd be 6..I thought that was pretty snazzy.

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    My uncle is a retired professinal boxer+ used to hang out with Mike Tyson.

    My great great great auntie is in guiness world book of records for being the oldest person to apply for a passport.

    My great great great auntis friend survived the Titanic

    My grandad was in world war 1

    My nana was an evacuee.

    Probably more but i dunno.

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    My 3rd cousin is loretta lynn and crystal gayle and i am also related to chett atkins and meryle travis. My dad played in a country band locally and even got to perform with willie nelson.

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