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i want a project of canada

i need a project about ontario, montreal and quebec

have pictures, words in powerpoint.

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    Ontario is big and a lot of it is wet. The province of Ontario is the second largest in Canada, after Quebec, which lies directly to the east. To the south is the United States, to the west is the province of Manitoba, and the northern part of the province ends at Hudson's Bay.

    Ontario represents the industrial heartland of Canada, with Toronto as its business center and seat of the provincial government. The federal government is located in the city of Ottawa, on the province's eastern border.

    Ontario's weather, although not ideal, is comfortably hot in the summer, particularly in the south of the province. In winter, the weather is crisp and bracing, particularly in the north.


    Montreal is one of the most popular destinations in Canada. One of the few Francophone places in the world where you can speak English during your entire visit, Montreal is familiar enough to feel welcoming and foreign enough to feel exotic.

    Montreal is an island city surrounded by the St. Lawrence River and the Ottawa rivers. It was originally a gathering place for Native American tribes, but since Jacques Cartier arrived in 1535 it has been ruled intermittently by France, England, and the United States. The historic buildings that remain show an eclectic mix of architectural styles.



    The largest and oldest Canadian province, Quebec offers the traveler a rich and vivid history, exquisite architecture, unparalleled natural beauty, and an abundance of recreation and adventure possibilities combined with a romantic, European flair.


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