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kadanesh asked in Consumer ElectronicsTVs · 1 decade ago

Receiving cable channels while having cable internet?

I have high speed cable internet at my home and I didn't choose to have cable TV channels along with it. I have heard that even when you don't order cable TV, you can receive few channels when you get the internet. Is it true?

If yes how can I connect my TV to the cable plug? should I connect it to the same plug which my internet modem is connected (I mean by using a splitter)? Or I can connect it to any cable plug around my house? Should the internet modem be connected and switched on to receive TV channels?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In Indiana I have Comcast Triple Play, Basic, Classic, & Digital Cable w/ DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Digital Voice (phone) & High Speed Internet 12.0 . My Internet & phone come through one modem (Arris), in this case. The installer placed a spitter in line. One output goes to the modem and the other cable output goes to your tv. Call your cable company & asked for a field sales person who can give you a lot better deal then the office. I got everything 1st month, 1/2 price, free installation, & free for one year, Encore Channels, Showtime Channels, Movie Channel Channels, & the Starz Channel. Note: You can buy just Basic & Classic Channels & still get you phone & internet for a great deal on all.

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