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What do the alfabets and numbers mean in TYN410 (SCR)?

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    It identifies the specifications of the device. Voltage and current rating, that kind of thing. The full data sheet is at the link below. A TYN410 cross-references to: NTE5461 through NTE5468 series silicon controlled rectifiers are designed primarily for half–wave AC control applications such as motor controls, heating controls, and power supplies; or wherever half–wave silicon gate–controlled, solid–state devices are needed. These devices are supplied in a TO220 type package. Features:

     Glass Passivated Junctions and Center Gate Fire for Greater Parameter Uniformity and Stability

     Small, Rugged, Thermowatt Construction for Low Thermal Resistance, High Heat Dissipation,

    and Durability

     Blocking Voltage to 800 Volts

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