Foundation leak??

I put this question back up with a different title.

We were looking at a house that the asking price is 40,000. When I called the real estate company they said that the main problem with the house is that there is a foundation leak at the backside of the home it is either under the bathroom or kitchen. About how much would it cost to get this fixed if we were to buy this house. I need quotes ranging from horrible to good conditions. Other wise there are just minor things that we need to do with this home.

This home was also repoed.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Not cheap!!!!! I would have the home owners fix the leak before I bought the house. I just sold mine and had to have the foundation fixed for $2300 before FHA would even finance it. The leak may be hard to get at. They may need to cut a hole in the foundation inside the house,,,,could run $3000-$5000. Give or take a couple $100.

  • 1 decade ago

    For where I live, $40,000 can buy me only a car. Sounds like you have a leak from a water pipe. Even if it's under the concrete foundation, I think it's worth the expense to have it repaired.

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