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Nfl questions?

1.Manning or Brady?

2. Owens or Harrison?

3. Witten or Gates?

4. Brees or Bulger?

5. Wayne or Johsnson?

6.Jackson or Westbrook?

7. did denver make a mistake benching plummer for cutler a couple of years back?

8.whats going to happen to shaun alexander? has he lost his game?

9. Why does Brady Quinn get so much attention?

10. What happend to thomas jones this year? (1 rushing td)

11. is bush going to have a breakout season this year?

12. will AP have another good season, or will the defenses shut him down ?

13. how will the giants Pass rush be stopped?

14. greenbay without favre? will rodgers step it up?

15. Ricky Williams? will he be a bust for miami?

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    Wayne (over Owens too)


    No, they were grooming Cutler for the job anyway.

    Shaun will return to a team when a starting RB goes down with an injury. But he has lost most of his game.

    Brady Quinn is one of, if not the best QB to come out of the most popular college ever. And most QB controversies get attention anyway, so this makes ESPN drool over this.

    Jones ran behind a terrible offensive line and had no passing game behind him either. Looks like Kellen Clemens is the superior QB and they have upgraded their O-line considerably. Expect him to improve upon all rushing stats this year.

    This is a tough one. Bush looked so promising coming out of college. But he had a huge line blocking for him and guys in college can rarely tackle. (just ask Ron Dayne). Bush has been overrated his whole career and his teamates don't even like him!!! As long as he continues to split carries, he will not breakout.

    Adrian Peterson can and will do it all. With the addition of Bernard Berrian (a reasonable deep threat) and Sydney Rice and Tarvaris Jackson both gelling with one another and maturing this team is poised to beat you in the air and on the ground. If the passing attack improves as much as the coaches says it has, then Peterson will take full advantage. This offense is going to be explosive. Funny thing is, their defense will be even more impressive.

    With the loss of Michael Strahan, the Giants go from pretty good D-line to reasonable D-line. Yes, they were spectacular in the Super Bowl but I still don't believe they are among the NFL's elite. Better D-line belongs to Denver, GB, Minnesota to name a few. It will most likely stop itself this year.

    Rodgers has all the tools around him to succeed. He has a deep receiving core, a solid offensive line, and a potentially dangerous running game (if Grant repeats last years performance). He has had three years to learn, get stronger, and practice for this season. If he fails, then the Packers should have drafted Brady Quinn in the 2007 draft. And not an injured D-lineman.

    Ricky Williams is a huge idiot. Anyone who chooses drugs over millions of dollars, best sport ever, red carpet treatment for their rest of their lives, is very sick in the head. If Ronnie Brown goes down again, he will most likely step in but he is far past his prime and doesn't deserve to succeed anyway. Sorry Dolphins fans.

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    1. Manning - Integrity and a great leader

    2. Owens - dangerous in the red zone

    3. Gates - Best TE in the league hands down

    4. Brees - He is a bit more consistant and not an injury risk like Bulger.

    5. Wayne - No drama and is more consistant. Mannings # 1 WR.

    6.Jackson - Beast!

    7. did denver make a mistake benching plummer for cutler a couple of years back?

    No. Cutler should do a lot better now that he has the undiagnosed diabetes he had last year under control. Diabetes takes a huge toll on a person when it's not diagnosed and treated properly. He will have a better year.

    8.whats going to happen to shaun alexander? has he lost his game?

    Alexander will be picked up by someone this year. He may not be a starter, but he will get picked up. He might be asking more than he thinks he is worth to the rest of the league. Due to injuries, yes, he has lost a step. However, with the protection on the left side (his favorite side to run) taking a serious dive in strength the season following his MVP year, it was bound to happen. The holes became very small and it was tough on any of the RBs in Seattle. He was let go to save $ on his big contract considering to most that he had lost a step and is prone to injuries.

    9. Why does Brady Quinn get so much attention?

    Because he had a steller performance in college and racked up a lot of TDs with very low interceptions. He also had great control on the field.

    10. What happend to thomas jones this year? (1 rushing td)

    He will have a much better year with the tweeking they did on the offensive line. There is a possibility that he may bounce back with the monsters they have now to open the holes.

    11. is bush going to have a breakout season this year?

    As long as Duece McAllister stays healthy, he will remain as the same role he has been doing for years. Catch or take the ball to the outside. He has never been the up the middle RB. Even in college, he wasn't the up the middle RB. That role was Lendale White. Peoples expectations are too high for him. He is still trying to learn to play at a pro level.

    12. will AP have another good season, or will the defenses shut him down ?

    It goes without saying that he will have a great year. What will make the difference is if the passing game gets better. If the passing game is threatening, then defenses won't try and stuff the line with defenders.

    13. how will the giants Pass rush be stopped?

    Strong O-line.

    14. greenbay without favre? will rodgers step it up?

    Rogers is more conservative than gunslinger Favre. I think he will do well and is destined to break out. I think he did well against the Cowboys last year when Favre got hurt. He will learn this season, make rookie mistakes, and do better the next.

    15. Ricky Williams? will he be a bust for miami?

    I think there are better options than Ricky Williams at this time. I don't think he has kept himself at a proficient level since he first retired. I think he is destined to be a bust, but there is still a chance for him.

    Thumbs up to those who agree.

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    1. Brady

    2. Owens

    3. Witten

    4. Brees

    5. Johnson

    6. Westbrook

    7. No, they were going nowhere with Plummer. Cutler needed experience.

    8. I don't know if Alexander will ever play again. No team is going to give him big money.

    9. Because everyone thought he was going to be this good looking superstar and not a bench player.

    10. I don't know. I had him on my Fantasy team and he was a dissappointment. He was supposed to be my sleeper.

    11. No. He is not in a system that exploits his athleticism. They need to figure out how to use him better.

    12. There is no reason he shouldn't have another good season. He did it with a terrible passing game that should be better this year. The opposition always had 8 in the box and he still was amazing.

    13. It will be another strong point for them again this year. They have some great athletes on that line. But without Strahan they won't be as productive as last year.

    14. I think Rodgers will be serviceable but he will not be great. All he needs to do is not make mistakes.

    15. Hasn't he already been a bust for them? I like Ricky and hope he does some good. He still looks good when he is out there.

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  • 1.Brady,






    7..No... Cutler may not be very good but hes young,andhes gonna be there QB for a while,Plummer was kind of old to.

    8. Alexander will be ok if he goes to a team with a good offensive line.

    9..Because Quinn was good in college and everyone expects him to be good in the nfl even though he might not be.

    10.The Jets arent very good.

    11.Probably not Bush hasn't impressed me yet.

    12.AP will do better because the passing game in minnesota will get better.

    13.the NYG pass rush wont be quite as good without Strahan.

    14.Rodgers might be good but if GreenBay thinks hes gonna be good why did they draft 2 QB's?

    15.Yeah Williams will be a bust.

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    1brady-has the rings and stats now

    2owens- hes awesome no matter how big his ego is + harrison was hurt all last yr may have some affect this yr

    3gates-consistantly better then witten and is the best reciever on his team,even if he is a TE

    4brees-statistic machine last couple yrs back to back 4000yrd seasons he can turn franchises around and is mvp caliber

    5chad johnson- has just as good stats the last couple yrs w/o peyton manning qb machine throwing him the ball

    6jackson-you put him in the eagles line up he'd do better then westbrook

    7i cant say yes yet cutlers only started 20 games mayb. its not looking that good now but at the time it was a good decision to put ur first rounder in there

    8alexanders gonna be the second back in a tandom somewhere. but he has lost a step but not all of his game

    9brady quinn is good but hes getting attention b/c he hasnt got his chance yet to play

    10jets had like 6 or 7 rushing tds this yr thats it, he just didnt punch it in but he did have over 1000 yrds rushing though

    11bush wont- he only operates in space hes pretty much the devin hester of rbs he'll have 1200all purpose yrds 10tds

    12he'll have probly about 1300 yrds rushing. the defenses shut him down the last part of the season if u dont remember but he'll still do pretty good+he splits with chester taylor

    13 itll be pretty good but losing strahan will diminish them some

    14 the packers will not be as good this yr b/c rodgers hasnt started one game yet. the packers have most of the parts and will still go 9-7

    15 anyone playing behind the miami line will be a bust this yr idk what he'll do but remember he has had a 1800 yrd and 1300 yrd season in miami

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    2. Harrison,

    3. Gates

    4. Brees

    5. Wayne

    6 Jackson


    8. Alexandar is past his prime

    9. He went to Notre Dame and was the best QB in his draft, and is completely overratted.

    10. He doesn't fit right in the new system.

    11. Bush is overrated and will only do well if Duece is healthy so that he can have a powerback to go with his elusiveness

    12. He will still be good, but defenses will pick up on his style and he won't be over looked as much.

    13. They no longer have Strahan, and team will try to keep a blocking tight end back to provide extra protection

    14. Rogers will struggle at first, but will find his game. Expect him to make smart throws and not be the gun slinger like Favre was

    15. If healthy Ricky will produce. He won't be a leading rusher like he once was but with the right people around him he could be enough give the passing game a break.

    Source(s): My opinions from being an avid football fan.
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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Both

    2. Owens

    3. Gates

    4. Brees

    5. Wayne

    6. Westbrook

    7. No - where is Plummer now?

    8. Retire - too many free agent RBs and he can't find a home

    9. He's a 1st round pick that Cleveland traded up for and is now in limbo because of Anderson

    10. He is an average RB

    11. No - he is overrated

    12. Good, but not phenomenal

    13. With the retirement of Strahan

    14. He can manage the game fine

    15. No - Miami has very little invested

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1 Brady, makes more happen with less

    2 Harrison, less baggage when things go wrong

    3 Witten, slightly better blocker on the parimiter

    4 Brees, longer history of success with less than aduqate targets

    5 Wayne, less baggage

    6 Westbrook, as a cowboys fan, i envy and hate the eagles for having him

    7 Yes, they were on their way, changing the quarterbacks in a winning season is a recipe for disaster

    8 Free agent pick up, but he will never return to form

    9 The school he went to.

    10 horrible line chemistry following the departure of their OG

    11 Possibly if duce is back to form

    12 defenses will be looking for him, but it might not matter too much

    13 using a max protect scheme with a good pass blocking RB

    14 Yes. He did well against Dallas

    15 He already is.

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  • Rajko
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    1 decade ago

    1 Manning

    2 Owens

    3 Witten

    4 Brees

    5 Wayne

    6 Jackson

    7 No, it was the right choice for the future

    8 He's definitely lost his game

    9 High drafted QBs always get lots of attention

    10 His true colors showed

    11 Bush is overrated imo. He should do better than last year though

    12 He will have another great season, he is the real deal. He was the only weapon last year and couldn't be stopped.

    13 Strahan is a big blow to the D, I don't think they will be as good without him

    14 Rodgers won't do bad, but won't be Favre either

    15 Yeah, his best years went up in smoke

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  • catman
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    1 decade ago

    1. Manning

    2. Owens cause he can disrupt so many things: defenses and his own team....

    3. Gates

    4. Brees

    5. Wayne

    6. Westbrook

    7. Cutler will come around give him time

    8. Shaun will be hungry again looking for another big contract

    9. Quinn is the quarterback of the future for the Browns

    10. WHO?

    11. The saints need to figure out what to do with Reggie Bush

    12. AP?

    13. Right now the Giants pass rush is not stoppable...ask Brady and every team will try to copy it, just wait and see

    14. Green Bay without Farve, still hard to take...and no

    15. What do you mean will he, he has already. time to move on

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