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The Derby of June 1913..?

What Happened On That Day..?

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    The Derby took place on June 4th 1913. Emily Wilding Davison was to achieve her place in history by giving her life for the Suffragette cause at this Derby - the world's most famous horse race. Emily Davison suffered terrible injuries at this race and never recovered from them. She died in a local hospital four days after the race.

    The Derby is not only a horse race. In some senses, the race is secondary to the social importance of this event. In 1913, it was a race where society's elite turned up, including the Royal family who traditionally had a horse entered into it. Because of its importance, it attracted a very large crowd to the Epsom Race Course.

    The race itself was a flat sprint. Epsom was shaped almost like a horse shoe. The start took the jockeys along a fast straight that lead to a long and gradual bend. The bend sharpened at Tattenham Corner where the horses slowed down before picking up into the home straight to finish in front of the Royal Box.

    In the 1913 Derby, the king entered a horse called Anmer. The jockey was Herbert Jones. As today, all the jockeys wore their colours - a racing jersey that identified that rider to the crowd.

    As the horses rounded Tattenham Corner, Anmer was third from last. Emily Wilding Davison got underneath the barrier and threw herself in front of Anmer. The horse went over and Jones came off. Davison took the full force of a sprinting race horse hitting her. The impact took her clean off the ground...........................


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