is bpa really that bad?

before i knew about bpa i bought the dr. brown's bottles for my sonbecause they are suppose to be the best. That is all he has ever used and he is now five months old (breast fed up until about a week ago). I always make sure he has what he needs and i like to get the best for him but we are broke and cant aford to get new bootles though we would make it work if we had to. i am a paranoid mommy when it comes to my sons health and well being. I feel like i am hurting my son and need some reassurance.


i stopped breastfeeding because he was not able to fully empty my breast (i produced too much) so my ducts got clogged and before i realized that that was the reason i was not filling him up anymore it was too late, infection had set in (my milk was even green) and i was instructed to stop.

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    Is BPA really that bad? The problem is that we really don't know. Any effects it will have are long term effects, which means they aren't seen until much later. There is also some debate about two different things with BPA. First is whether or not polycarbonate bottles, under normal recommended use actually leach any amount of BPA. Second is how much BPA is okay and how much will cause potential problems later. The only real studies have been done with rodents, not humans, so it's more difficult. There is also a belief that BPA exposure needs to be for a longer period of time, kind of like the people who drink from the same polycarbonate bottle daily for years.

    BPA, when present in the body (blood stream) mimics estrogen. For girls this means earlier puberty and for boys this can lead to infertility problems. But, it isn't quite conclusive that polycarbonate bottles used normally and replaced as recommended will leach any BPA, and if the body will absorbe any BPA if they do.

    A couple of options you have if you want to feel more proactive is to care for his bottles properly. Don't boil them or run them through the dishwasher since heat is considered one of the ways the plastic breaks down. Also replace them if they become scratched on the *inside*. Another option you have is to spend less than $5 on some BPA free bottles. Parents Choice (walmart brand) makes some BPA free bottles that sell in three packs for under $5. That's pretty affordable. Another option is to buy a nuby soft spout sippy cup and replace the sippy spout with a wide mouth nipple.

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    just make sure you dont heat he bottles. That is what causes the BPA to leak from the plastic.

    Good luck!

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    It's a big controversy. If it's concerning you, buy new bottles, but the reason people aren't using it is because "no one really knows."

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    Nobody knows for sure yet. Just remember that most of us grew up on formula and not breastmilk from "toxic" BPA bottles. Most of us are just fine.

    Source(s): Wow, a thumbs down for stating the truth?
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    Why did you stop breastfeeding then?

    This will make you feel better

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