Disgruntled Roommate - threatening me?

I moved in with a friend and after about two years he decided that he was moving out the lease was under his name and when I moved in I told him that I want to be on the lease, he said he doesn’t want to go through that and doesn’t want me on the lease. During my time there I moved out and moved back and between the time away he had other roommates that did not pay their portion of the utilities, and over time I helped pay them off, now there were many times that he did not pay his portion of the bills and utilities were being shut off. I went ahead and paid money towards them to have them turned back on. Now I have been out of the house for about 45 days and did agree that I will pay the prorated amount of rent but not the bills due. He then when on to threaten me that “actions will be taken” now he has threatened every roommate that he has had that he is going to sue them, could he sue me for the utilities?

Note:utilities under his name, but he cable is under his moms name


So I read a little into small claims court and it talked about the plaintiff needs to have the documentation for bills paid, now since the utilities are under his name I am unable to produce the documentation of the payments made by myself and him, to show that I have covered a larger portion of the bills over time. Would something like that hold up? For a counter suit?

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    Sounds like a case for The People's Court.

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    Since there is no written agreement, we have to go by verbal agreements. Since you have been paying utilities all along, that is sufficient evidence that this was your agreement. However, if you have some evidence that he agreed you wouldn't pay while you were gone (like witnesses), then you won't have to.

    I wouldn't worry about getting sued in this case. Sounds like he's just trying to scare you.

  • If threats of violence are made, contact your local police dept.

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