How do spring airsoft guns work?

I am thinking of making a spring airsoft gun,and I need to know how it works.

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    it works when a piston compresses the air behind the bb, propelling it out the muzzle. this illustration explains everything. the only difference would be that the power source would be the action of you pulling the piston back, rather than the battery.

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    How Airsoft Guns Work

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    When you cock the spring back, the gun chambers a round and has the gun ready to fire. When the trigger is pulled, the spring slides foward and fire the bb. Unfortunately, you have to cock it every time you fire. If that doesn't sound good to you, look for an AEG, it pretty musch works the same, but uses a battery to cock the spring,etc.

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    when u cok the gun the bb goes into the chamber and the

    spring goes back into a tight coil when u press the trigger

    the spring shootsthe bb out

    or some times a batery pushes a metal thing rapidly

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    they only have one gear, any gun that doesn't have a fully auto setting has only 1 gear that engages the gun to fire once, like a semi auto M14 DMR. classic example of a good gun that only goes semi- auto.

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