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1995 Cadillac STS Seville ac charge?

hello all, i have a 1995 cadillac sts seville and im wanting to add freon but i keep hearing people say that i cannot 'add' freon if the AC compressor is off, and when i do add freon i must restart the compressor? Does anyone know anything about ading coolant to my car? Any and all help is greatly appreciated & please be as specific as possible when answering as I am no mechanic. Thank you very much.

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    hi... ummm....either way,,,,, it is best to check the system b4 doing anything. but.. just for your sake, heheheh... lets say the system has no charge due to a leak.. well... lets say the leak is fixed and the compressor is known to be good and added correct amount of oil to the system. now, the system needs to be evacuated. .. with the high side open, low side attached to a vacume Gage, override pressure switch with a jumper. start engine to 1krpm., turn on ac to high. after 3minutes of running ac compressor, close high side of system. turn off engine... with a vacume reading of 22 or more at the low side,and holding, feed a can of charge upside down ,12oz can. to the low side until can is empty. you should have heard a click as you emptied the can. this click is the low pressure switch. you just added freon to the system with ac compressor off. unplug jumper and reconnect plug to the low pressure switch. turn on engine and ac to high, add one more can ,right side up, of freon to system till empty. thats it.. you're done. compressor should now run continuously until cold temp is reached.

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    Buy the freon kit from Autozone or whatever similar auto parts store you have nearby.

    To recharge your freon, hook up the freon bottle at the low pressure input(It will have a little blue cap on it), turn on your car, turn on the A/C full blast(this turns on your compressor) and then empty the canister into your system. The kit should have instructions.

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    Sorry BRENT!!!! it is new college HVAC platforms, they now no longer use vacuum operated actuators. Its all electric!!!! ought to make certain which code is saved in the HVAC module, maximum possibly the mode door actuator is undesirable. undemanding situation on those. with the aid of the way, ensure you get somebody who knows what they are doing. Your assume to get rid of the sprint to substitute that mode door actuator. there's a cheat to substitute the module with out doing all that nonsense however the guy should recognize what they are doing nevertheless Forgot to point, you pays attention a clicking noise once you attempt to alter distinctive positions. in case you pay attention the click noise, that's the actuator

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