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xanax drug test no precription (urine)?

i took some xanax bars but it was the first time in while and i wonder how long it takes to get out of your system to piss clean

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    It varies from drug to drug. This also applies to prescription medicine regardless of popular belief. May indeed think that it only takes 72 hours to get most pills out of your system. Now, in this case you may be lucky. Xanex is a temporary relief med. In your case 72 hours should be ample, especially if you have not been on a regimen of it. Now, if you have been taking it regularly for a two week or so period, you want to wait approx 96 hours. Now, there is an exception. If you were on a regimen for over three months...It could take an additional three months to get it completely out. Also before I go, I have to say...Taking meds without the proper prescription can be dangerous. Especially if you drink or make it a habit to take common MAOI inhibitors ( most headache medicine). I wish you the best on you wee wee test, STUDY HARD and kick your

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    It depends on the type of drug screen. A urine drug screen it probably would not show up. A blood drug screen most likely would show up. I wouldn't worry about it--it is used to treat seizures and as a mood stabilizer--as long as you have a prescription for it in the event they ask about it--you'll be fine.

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    unfortunately.......1 - 42 days......better hope it isn't a hair test....90 days....better go get a prescription!

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