are u able to increase the THC level of weed after growth.. if not whats the best way to keep it?

i need a way to get higher thc level in weed

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    1 decade ago
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    wow the guy above me is so wrong.

    heres a guide. its kind of long but you'll be guaranteed to get good weed with high THC levels. and once the plant is matured you can't raise the THC level it has to be born with it. you may have had some bad seeds.

    growing good marijuana takes a lot of time and patience. if you don't have that then you have to live with the sucky weed you grow with little effort.

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    1 decade ago

    The way you grow it can have effects on the THC content in cannabis. The genome of the strain has the biggest effect on that. But after harvest (if that's what you mean) THC will slowly decay, by heat and light, into another cannabinoid which is stable. So keep it at a cool and dark place.

    You can, however, turn the formed cannabinoid and the already present ones back into THC by a chemical process in which the cannabinoids are extracted and treated with a strong acid for some time. After extracting, and vaporizing of the solvent you are left with, what they call, hash-oil. This is, if done properly, very pure. But considered a hard-drug. And might have a different effect since the composition has changed.

    You can clean harvested cannabis by watercuring. Removing impurities. It will not rise the content of THC but it will rise concentration in the end-product.

    So anyway, store cannabis in a dry, dark and cool place.

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