I want to have a PTC site of my own?

I want to have a PTC (Paid To Click) site of my won and I really need to understand how these PTC sites work. Can anyone please give me details of how these sites work and how do I start with a PTC site. How much money is it going to cost me? Any PTC owner's answer will be appreciated or someone who has great knowledge of the same. Thanks a lot.

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    Have you ever used a PTC site before?

    You will need a script, custom design, web hosting, a domain, and money to pay users. (Some users reach payout VERY VERY quickly, so you must have money ready). You'll need about $500-750 to start your site. You will also need about 5-10 hours each day to manage and pay users.

    Source(s): I know a lot about PTC http://ptcmillionaire.blogspot.com
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