where can i find kim jensen (edna) from the movie footloose?

well i love this movie called footloose i always have and one day im goin2 meet all the actors like kevin bacon and lori singer and the rest except one of them i cant find i know where the rest are except kim jensen (edna) from footloose i cant find anywhere does anyone know any info on this person where she lives or how i can contact them please help thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Are you for real?


    Cast of the movie Footloose:

    Kevin Bacon (Ren MacCormack)

    Lori Singer (Ariel Moore)

    John Lithgow (Reverendo Shaw Moore)

    Dianne Wiest (Vi Moore)

    Chris Penn (Willard)

    Sarah Jessica Parker (Rusty)

    John Laughlin (Woody)

    Elizabeth Gorcey (Wendy Jo)

    Lee McCain (Ethel MacCormack)

    Jim Youngs (Chuck)

    Douglas Dirkson (Burlington Carnston)

    Lynne Marta (Lulu)

    Arthur Rosenberg (Wes)

    Timothy Scott (Andy Beamis)

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